Hi There!

I’m Amanda. I’m a Kingdom building Momma encouraging other Mommas in the building of Kingdom and family.

I’m here to tell you that your work matters. The sleepless nights, the snotty noses, and the navigation of emotions isn’t for nothing. You are developing people: the next generation of leaders who will be a demonstration of God’s light in this world.

If you and I had a chance to sit down over a cup of coffee, I’d let you know that I believe our great God has a great purpose for your life. I’d ask about your dreams, the tuggings on your heart, and I would encourage you to pursue what God is uniquely calling you to do.

It is my hope that your time spent here brings a renewed passion in your relationship with Christ. That you will be reminded of His love, His grace, and the mission He has for your life.

Here are my people (and dog):



The love of my life. When we met, I was a college student and he was the worship pastor at my new church. You can read the story of how we met here and all about our rather unusual wedding here. Eric is now serving as a campus pastor at Daystar Church and I love doing ministry with him! This picture is from a marriage conference put together by our church last summer.



I call her my mirror in both personality and appearance. I have strangers stop us all the time to comment on how we look alike. Her name means “work of the Lord” because we believe God is going to do a great work through her!



This sweet girl is full of love and life. One moment she is snuggling with Momma, and the next she is dancing and singing praises to Jesus. Her name means “one who is wise” because we believe God is going to fill her with wisdom as she fulfills the calling in her life!



This is the most obnoxiously happy dog I have ever met. We’ve had him for a little over two years, and I’m just thankful he’s stopped having accidents in the house. Here he is sporting a fresh cut and holiday tie from Christmas!

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